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 The project Inka Llacta ® is an incredible travel back to the time over more than 500 years at the time of the height of the Inca Empire or Inkanato through the construction of an archeological site. This project has several objectives, among theses become the essential complement of Machu Picchu and of other archaeological sites, museums and specialized works. A teaching and professional tool of first level, of understanding of the values, heritages and the necessity of studying, respect, protect them and promote them in a intelligent way.
Therefore we will reconstitute the daily life of the high Inca nobility in the fifteenth century through the construction of an archeological site with the additional task of generating through this way a Centre for Study and Research about the Inca Culture.

Our Goals:

• Making the first archeological site (after Inkanato ®) facing the Inca culture.

• Create two cultural corridors, of research and thematic tourism, pro-active, effective and sustainable, which the principal on the Valley of Anta and the second, across, linking the valley and the Sacred Valley.

• Greening the Andes by actions of protection and recovery of native biodiversity and reforestation with native trees and shrubs.

• Generate a plan for Sustainable Development in Rural Agricultural Zone Andean oriented to Andean culture.

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El segundo domingo de agosto (según las posibilidades)



(No tendra lugar en 2010 ni en 2011 sino en 2012 en razon de las campañas electorales.)

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Inka Llacta®  is taking part into a thesis that is reconsidering a part of the Inca history between 1465 and 1527.

In the Archeosite are tested and experimented all the tools, techniques, instruments, costumes, but also the documents and chroniques of the time of the Empire’s apogee.

In other word we could say that the thesis of Inka Llacta® is considering all the aspects of the Inca daily life (politics, religions, community, arquitecture, agriculture, textiles, arts, handcrafts) because to Inka Llacta all these elements can represent an opportunity for today and tomorrow.  

What regards the sources :

Chroniques such as :

·       Pedro Sarmiento de Gamboa, 

·       Martín de Murúa

·       Padre Bernabé Cobo

Our thesis also takes sources from historians, archeologists, anthropologists, agronomists, and other various specialists such as :

·       Maria Rostworowski de Diez Canseco "Pachacútec" ,

·       José Antonio del Busto Duthurburu "Túpac Yupanqui descubridor de Oceanía"

·       Jean Hervé Daude "Ile de Pâques l'empreinte des Incas".

·       Luis E. Valcárcel,

·       Mario Tapia, 

·       Juan José Vega,

·       Antonio Brack y otros mencionados en la sección bibliografía

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