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The Director of the Regional Tourism Department in Cusco  agreed in 2010 to express to our cameras what he thought of the project (link available on http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZqchBTLEPTs), and here is the translation: "I just have to congratulate Inka Llacta for the work they are trying to achieve with great effort, which we consider as very interesting because it has features that will be inclusive, and because they do not act only for the benefit of a small group of people, but instead they want to include a whole population. And what is fundamental for us is that this project is being put in place in a geographical area that is a priority for the future development of tourism and that it may be the great interpretive center of the Inca culture. This civilization is one of the five largest in the world, and it needs a place that gathers all the information and knowledge collected about it to this day, parts of which were scattered and sometimes lost, and whose study was not always systematic. This is precisely one of the goals of Inka Llacta. This project will not only collect and make knowledge about the culture available; it will also generate economic inputs for a whole geographic area. Congratulations for this concern, congratulations for this initiative and that this project move forward, you have all the approval and support of the public sector in the region Cusco-Peru. "

The region of Cusco cannot afford to pay us directly, but it proposed us a technical partnership : the printing of 2000 posters for the Archeosite and for the Anta valley, which we accepted and implemented.

 We also signed a formal partnership with the Peruvian Orval University of Arts in August 2010: http://www.uorval.edu.pe/index.php?seccion=E1020900, mostly to coordinate and unite the efforts made for the research and promotion of the Inca culture, and for the fight against poverty in the region.

 Finally we have contacts with various professionals such as Jean-François Ghyoot, representative of the Food and Agriculture Organization (UN), who agreed to show us his support on the internet (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4x7UD8jYOqo) "I speak as a representative of the FAO which is a United Nations organization that deals with agriculture and food, and I'm happy to talk with you this afternoon. I'd rather be with you really and not just through a screen, but having said that I am very happy to have a word with you, because I believe that this project being implemented here can really bring a lot of positive things to people.  Among other things, it will enlighten us about the various native cultures in Peru, which are extremely important to the communities, but also for the general population’s consumption. Indeed, as food prices are rising more and more, it has become extremely important nowadays to have products that you grow yourself on your land and that are very nutritious and healthy. I hope that the collaboration that you started with this project will go on in the long term, for the well being of your community, for the tourists who will come from abroad and will appreciate your culture and the positive elements you are creating in your area. Good luck to all and thank you».