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At the service of the environment

At the service of our planet and our environment

The Incas and their ancesters were observing and respecting their environment and tried to work with equilibrium in order to keep our world and Pachmama (Mother earth) as living as possible.

We propose, among other things, to plant millions of trees, native plants in order to give to the Andes their green life back, and by the way to low the heating of the local climate.

How to achieve it ?

We invite the transport sector to reserve a small part of the passenger’s ticket (between 1 and 4 soles) for the purchase and the plantation of trees and native plants to save the Andean biodiversity.

Pro-active tourism :

We also invite all the travel agencies to unite in our campaign in order to propose to the visitors to reserve on or two dollars so that they can plant a tree with their own hands, giving to his or her visit on the site a real pro active and eco-friendly frame.