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At the service of the community

A sustainable development program in rural Andean zone : 

Inka Llacta aims at contributing to the local communities. Therefore it presents a plan for sustainable development with cultural, pedagogic, investigation and sustainable tourism bases.

Peru faces various difficulties in its rural areas, among with the lack of economic ressources and a sensation of abandon, and of electoralist actions. 

Very often the archeological sites in rural area are abandoned or with graffitis.

A feeling that can be often observed within the rural populations is that they don't benefit from the positive impacts of tourism in the region. 

The issues there are :


feeling of humilation,

Lack of water for personal use and irrigation,

they hardly have access to energy supplies, 

impossible access to an immediat and quality medical help.  

Inka Llacta wants to develop the rural commune of ancahuasi and then benefit to the whole Anta valley by promoting cultural and touristic corridors in the valley with the central participation of the local populations and the fair sharing of the benefits.

Based on the fact that several archeosite became sources of economic, cultural and pedagogical attractions in Europe. (see Ramioul and Aubechies in Belgium, and Guédelon in France http://www.guedelon.fr/ )