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Arts and Handcrafts

Peru offers a rich panel of offers in this domain.

But the problem, especially in the Cusco region, is that all the markets offer the same handcrafts and the same objects.

In other words the visitors consider that the Corao market will offer the same as the ones of Pisac, Urubamba, Ollantaytambo, Chinchero…

Then if the visitors show a real interest in visiting the first market, the interest gets smaller and smaller while visiting the others, and seeing always the same things.

For this reason Inka Llacta wants to promote the studies about the local handcrafts and archeological research in order to present objects that are « perfect copies » of the vast patrimony of the local populations, and wants to privilege the specialization of one village for one or more types of products or one or more types of materials, so that the interest of the visitors keeps always the same.  And in order to have the offer even wider, the idea is to develop cultural visit points, linked with the gastronomy, the dances, the music, the history, the native materials, the native products…