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Tupac Yupanqui

Tupac Yupanqui

"the Shining"  Xº Sapa Inka


Tupac Yupanqui  is (with his father Pachacutec) THE REFERENCE at INKA LLACTA®.

Inka Llacta® depends from the municipal jurisdiction of Ancahuasi. The fact that we found a few miles away in the same valley several other Inca sites including the remains of the “Casa Real”, a sort of second home palace belonging to Huayna Capac, son of Tupac Yupanqui and Mama Tucta Cuca indicates how the situation of the Inka Llacta Archeosite is in the logic of the time.

But who was Tupac Yupanqui ?

Tupac Yupanqui is the son of the Inka Pachacutec and of the Coya Mama Anahuarque . 

His father appointed him to head the Inca army in 1463. He extended the realm northward along the Andes through modern Ecuador, and developed a special fondness for the city of Quito, which he rebuilt with architects from Cuzco. During this time his father Pachacuti reorganized the kingdom of Cuzco into the Tahuantinsuyu, the "four provinces".

He became Inca in his turn upon his father's death in 1471, ruling until his own death in 1493. He conquered Chimor, which occupied the northern coast of what is now Peru, the largest remaining rival to the Incas.