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Las Cocinas Raices


The root cuisine (la cocina raiz) is a vocabulary created by Guy Vanackeren© because it regards a cooking constituted with traditional native products from a zone, region, city or country.

In Cusco or Q’osqo the « root cuisine » is the Novoinka® cuisine.

The Novoinka® cuisine and Gastronomy at Inkanato®

The Novoinka® cuisine is an new imperial cuisine created by Guy Vanackeren©, a Belgian who wondered what could eat the members of the Inca empire at the 15th century.

He searched documents to establish the elements of this cuisine and decided to create in 1999 a restaurant archeosite dedicated to this study. He was helped by famous cookers such as Elena Gamarra Valdivia or Mario Campos Pinto.

The Novoinka® cuisine is a high level cooking of products that were available at the time of the Inca empire of the 15th century, under the reign of the Incas Pachacutec, Amaru and Tupac Yupanqui.